Pocket Mommy

About Pocket Mommy

Zayan’s first day of kindergarten is coming, and he is nervous and sad about going to a new school. He knows he won’t be able to spend all day with his mommy anymore, and he loves her more than anything in the world. It’s enough to bring tears to his eyes and put a big knot in his belly. 

Luckily, his mommy comes up with a clever idea to make his trip to kindergarten much easier. She cuts a special doll out of paper and cardboard that looks just like her. Better yet, the doll is small enough for Zayan to fit in the pocket of his jeans, so he can carry her around everywhere. She calls the doll a “Pocket Mommy,” and gives him the special gift on the way to his first day of school.

When Zayan is sad or anxious, he simply reaches into his pocket and feels the paper doll. He can talk to his Pocket Mommy whenever he wants, and he is even able to sit her on the table while he is eating lunch or doing activities with his new friends.  After school, he is excited to talk to his mommy about all the fun things they did together in kindergarten, and the times when he needed to call on Pocket Mommy for help. They talk about art, and music, and which part of the day he liked best. Eventually, he doesn’t need Pocket Mommy at all anymore, because he looks forward to school every day.

A heartwarming, creative tale about early separations, Pocket Mommy is ideal for kids and parents to read together. Use the back cover of the book to customize your very own Pocket Mommy, parent, or friend (choosing from ethnically diverse cut outs); and learn how you can use the doll to help a transition to a new school, a new grade, or a new routine.