Pocket Mommy

Pocket Mommy is Aila's first children's book. As a working professional and mom of three young children, Aila and her family created an innovative tool to help her young pre-schooler successfully master the home to school transition.  Years later, Aila and her son share their story and tools in the hopes of making a difference with families in the same situation.


Aila has a Juris Doctorate from Santa Clara University and is a member of the California Bar. She has dedicated her professional life to working with high-risk youth—using the law and human empathy as a vehicle to build necessary life skills—and teaching others to do the same. Her most important job, however, is raising her little ones to "leave the world better than it was when they arrived!"

Aila co-authored Pocket Mommy with her now 7-year old, Zayan Malik Verma. Zayan recently finished first grade and is an avid fisherman, pianist, and athlete. Now that "being an author" is checked off his list, Zayan hopes to become a police officer or a scientist when he grows up.

Vincenzo Lara, long-time friend of the authors, illustrated Pocket Mommy with an edge that matched our Team's playful and unique personalities. His formal education is in graphic design but took up a love for drawing and illustrating around the age of 9 when his best friend, Oscar would draw exact replicas of baseball cards (mainly SF Giants players, obviously), prompting Vincenzo to find his own spark for art. Influenced by his interest in street art, better known as graffiti, Vincenzo furthered his artistic eduction at Academy of Art, San Francisco.

Meet the Pocket Mommy Team...